Enjoy a nature treat at Bain Boeuf Beach in Mauritius

Someone once said that there are only two wildernesses left on earth: the tops of mountains, and the vast glistening sea. And one of the advantages of living in a small island is the fact that no matter where you locate, the beach is always accessible! When you are tired of the routine and stressful life, all you need is a break! A break to recharge the whole you. What could it be more desirable than a serene and awe-inspiring island escape!


Imagine yourself lounging on a cold, smooth and fine white sand, where you can contemplate nature all around you. Enjoy watching the magnificent white tropicbirds flying over the immense velvet blue sky, the yellow golden leaves hanging in front of your view, and gorgeous blossoms with insects buzzing around. This is not an imagination but the sublime Bain Boeuf beach which is located in the northern part of Mauritius.

Bain Boeuf Beach-Mauritius

Drenched yourself in the warm and pleasant morning sunshine. Relax, and contemplate the seaside beauty. Far away over the sea horizon stands the majestic Coin de Mire where sometimes you can spot cargo container ships or fishing boats sailing. On the seashore lie the small wooden boats, drifting back and forth by the flow of small sea waves.

Tropical Mauritius-Bain Boeuf beach

The black basalt rocks on the white sandy beach and the lush green trees depict a perfect contrast which is soothing to the eyes. You will also find the surrounding colourful bougainvillea flowers which add an exotic look to this location. Here, time seems to stop.

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