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Backpacking is becoming one of the best ways to explore off-beaten tracks around the world- a new approach to seek everlasting memorable travel, culture and adventure experiences. It’s fun, adventurous, thrilling and meaningful. Yet, as a responsible traveler you would consider many factors like budget, accommodation, and safety before jetting off to any travel destinations. Avid backpackers are always on the lookout of unique places, new culture, and new experiences. Sometimes it’s time-consuming in choosing the right destination, but worry not! We have compiled a list of some amazing travel destinations for you to rejuvenate. Get your bag, lace up your boots and let’s go!


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The Kings Landing of the Game of Thrones TV series– Croatia has been on the radar of many avid travelers around the world. The country is encompassed by Slovenia, Hungary, Serbia, Bosnia Herzegovina, and Montenegro on the eastern side and by the Adriatic Sea in the western side. Croatia is slowly becoming the favorite backpacking destinations for solo travelers. Known for its rich historical and cultural heritage, the Old Town (Dubrovnik) runs the gamut of ancient architectures, sculptures, and museums. Its strikingly orange rooftops and glittering azure ocean display a scenic view-simply breath-taking! Whether you wish to bask on the Mediterranean coast or hike the Dinaric Alps, there are so much to do and see in Croatia.

Budget cost per day: $ 80 per person

Spoken Languages: Croatian, Italian, Serbian, Czech, and English



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Spain showcases its diversity through its vibrant cities like Madrid and Barcelona, along with its historical and cultural mecca like Granada and Cordoba, and its white-washed hill town of Ronda. An all-packed experience for backpackers! Spend your afternoon relishing tapas, sipping espressos, and having fun along the nightly fiestas! You can also partake in a cultural trip by visiting historical buildings displaying Moorish architecture or wander to the narrow cobblestone alleyways. As for the hikers, Spain offers vast landscapes, well-marked trails, and gorgeous coastal routes! It is considered one of the most sought-after backpacking destinations.

Budget cost per day: $128 per person

Language Spoken: Spanish, Catalan,  Basque, Galician, and English (least spoken)


image: Fabrice

When the East meets the West-Turkey offers the best travel experience packed by incredible landscapes, historical and cultural trips. As you head further to the east, you will encounter more of the Middle Eastern influence. From its vibrant Istanbul city to its Eastern wild landscapes, Turkey offers a rich experience if you are looking for a cultural and adventure trip. Besides, you can go wild camping in the remote countryside of Turkey such as Mount Olympos (Lycia), where you will find serenity. Experience the generosity of the Turkish people and its diverse delicious cuisines while backpacking. 

Budget cost per day: $15-30 per person

Languages Spoken: Turkish, English, German, French, and Arabic


image: David Hillman

Zanzibar is an archipelago lies off the coast of Tanzania. It is most famous for its Stone Town, which is an old trade centre dotted with mosques, historical stone buildings decorated with balconies and huge carved doors. This archipelago was once a Portuguese, Arab and eventually a British colony. Zanzibar is commonly referred to as the ‘Spice Island’ because of its clove plantations. You will also find rice paddies in the countryside, and fishing villages in the coastal regions. Whether you choose to sunbathe on its sun-soaked beaches, kitesurf, snorkel or dive in its azure blue ocean, Zanzibar could be your ideal backpacking destination at a very affordable cost. 

Budget cost per day: $ 20 per person

Spoken languages: Swahili, Bantu, Arabic, French, Italian, and English


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Besides its iconic Machu Pichu, Peru is one of the most favorite backpacker’s destinations. This land of ancient Inca civilization with its mysterious ruins, diverse wildlife, indigenous culture, and of course its ever-green Amazon jungle has amazed many travelers over the years. Peru hosts world’s second deepest canyonColca Canyon, top-notch surf beaches on its coasts, magnificent Nazca desert and obviously, the snow-capped peaks of the Andes. There is clearly so much to discover, not to mention its typical dish like ceviche. Best hiking months are April, September, and October. Peru is listed as the most affordable backpacking destinations. 

Budget cost per day: $15 per person

Spoken Languages: Spanish, Quechua, Aymara, and English (least spoken)

Sri Lanka

image: Rehman

Land of the elephants and leopards, Sri Lanka is a lush paradise for backpackers to explore. This verdant island is quickly becoming the hotspot of budget eco-travelers seeking rich experiences. Ranging from wild terrains, gorgeous Buddhist temples, sublime beaches flanked by coconut palm trees, spellbinding waterfalls, lush green tea plantations, and amazing trekking or hiking trails, Sri Lanka run the gamut of adventures. Do not miss to try the succulent Sri Lankan dishes fused with the East and West cuisines- a harmonious blend of Indian, Portuguese, and Dutch flavors! The country is much popular among solo backpacking travelers. 

Budget cost per day: $ 25 per person (Budget hostels + food + public transport)

Spoken Languages: Tamil, Sinhalese, and English

New Zealand

image: Dev Bross

Welcome to the abode of the Hobbits, and surreal landscapes! New Zealand is an adventurous haven for high spirited backpackers who seek to explore the wild and off-beaten tracks. You can climb the majestic mountain peaks, bungee jump, bike, hike or surf, the list is endless! In addition, you have the choice to partake in a Maori cultural experience or even getting a Maori tattoo! Find budget hostels ranging from NZ$ 20-30 which are pretty common in New Zealand. Backpacking in New Zealand is expensive, but it offers spectacular virgin landscapes to explore. 

Budget cost per day: $ 60-80 per person (budget hostel + food + public transport)

Spoken Languages: English and Maori

Rodrigues Island

image: Ammandine Thibaud

Located in the south-western part of the Indian Ocean, Rodrigues Island is a total cut off experience worth to seek for. This tiny Creole island of 108 km² is sometimes referred to as the ‘sleeping beauty’ of the Indian Ocean due to its slow pace of lifestyle. Its mantra is based on ‘simple living’. The main features of this little gem are its unspoiled landscapes, tropical climate, deserted beaches and impressive coves. To top it off you will get to learn about the Creole culture, and experience the warm welcoming hospitality of its people.

Time stands still in this island, and as you marvel at the scenic sea horizon, rugged landscapes, and the free-roaming cattle, you simply realize the importance to connect with nature and people. For those who wish to experience nature adventures, there are some thrilling activities such as zip lining, kitesurfing, scuba diving, and much more to explore! Rodrigues Island makes an affordable and unique backpacking spot for avid travelers. 

Budget cost per day:  $20-28 per person ( budget accommodation + public transport + low budget meal)

Spoken Languages: Creole, French, and English


image: Hirani Seth

The mystical and intimidating landscapes of Ladakh beckon free-spirited travelers to indulge in unique cultural experiences. Nestled between the Himalayas and the Kunlun mountain range, this timeless beauty is known to be the highest plateau (3,000 meters) of Jammu and Kashmir in India.  Despite its harsh mountainous terrain and high altitude, travelers are fascinated by its pristine geological features and ancient Buddhist culture depicted by its impressive monasteries. Serene, isolated and yet harsh, Ladakh invites avid trekkers, bikers, and cultural enthusiasts to taste the Ladakhi adventure.

Budget cost per day: $10-20 per person

Spoken Languages: Ladakhi, Tibetan, Urdu, Balti, and English (least spoken)


image: Yan

Indonesia over the years has certainly gained much attention especially with the best-selling book of Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert. Undeniably, it’s a backpacker’s dream. It has got mystical ancient temples, Komodo dragons, verdant rice paddies, sun-soaked beaches, amazing cultures and the iconic Bromo volcano-Indonesia has it all! This diverse archipelago is known to be among the most populous countries in the world with over 17,000 islands sprawling between the Indian and the Pacific Ocean. A completely relaxing retreat in the midst of nature. You can also head to Sumatra to enjoy the morning mist, enthralling waterfalls and beautiful flora and fauna.

Budget cost per day: $ 16

Spoken Languages: Bahasa (official language) and English

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