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Land of the flamenco dancers, fiery gypsy musicians, dazzling Moorish palaces, and magnificent cathedrals, Andalucia is the dreamland for any avid traveler out there looking for a unique experience. With its eight majestic provinces, this dreamland is packed with rich culture and timeless architectural beauty. If the mainstream hotspots like Barcelona is a little bit overrated for you then, you might find the southern of Spain rather enticing, especially where there are so much to look forward. So let’s dig in together to find out some of the best places to visit in Southern Spain below:



Located in the southwestern part of Spain, Jerez is the fifth largest city of Andalusia. It is much touted for its fine wines and the spectacular equestrian shows. There are obviously some splendid historical Cathedrals, museums, and gorgeous palaces to visit.  Evenings culminate with unique shows performed by the best singers and flamenco dancers at several restaurants, where you’ll get the chance to feast on some yummy tapas paired with the local wines. 

Jerez Wine
                                                                                    picture: Luis C.



Just some 260 km away from Jerez, Granada is the mecca of the Moorish, Roman, and Byzantine architectures in southern Spain. This cultural capital carries a huge influence of the Moorish roots and one such example is the magnificent Alhambra Palace known for its intricate Moorish interior designs and sculpture gardens with splendid fountains. And by just strolling through the cobblestone streets you’ll end up with the smell of couscous and hookahs which explain the blending of different cultures here. And one interesting fact is that  Granada is one of the few cities in Spain, where the tapas are still complimentary — just order a drink and you’ll be asked what you’d like for your tapa!

Another hallmark of this region is the majestic Sierra Nevada-the highest mountain measuring about  3,478 meters above the sea level. So if you happen to be a ski enthusiast then head to the Sierra Nevada Ski Station for the adrenaline rush. 

Alhambra Palace
                                                                                Picture: Jimmy



Home to the glorious Mezquita (mosque-cathedral) where visitors will get to appreciate the magnificent architectural works inspired by Moorish, Gothic and Baroque designs, this quaint city is another cultural spot to consider while visiting Spain. The narrow streets of Cordoba are a feast for the eyes as well. With its gorgeous white-washed patios filled with vibrant pots of flowers, these streets are also fringed with cafes and restaurants. 

Interestingly, Cordoba hosts the May Crosses Festival also known as Cruces de Mayo,  where visitors can witness a procession, where normally women are dressed in traditional gypsy clothes and throw flowers at the crowd. 


                                                                                   Picture: Maria Jones


Practically some 162 km away from Cordoba, this white-washed hill town is a perfect secluded idyll away from the hubbub of the cities. Ronda is famous for its amazing gorge bridges that were once used by the Moors as a great defense. It is equally the birthplace of bullfighting which you can find at the Neo-Classical Plaza de Toros.

Besides, this place is ideal for adventurous spirits who can hike down the gorge while contemplating the incredible landscapes. 

                                                                                        Picture: Celina


Seville is the metropolitan city of Andalusia. It is bestowed with a range of eclectic and absolutely majestic landmarks like the Alcázar palace and the General Archive of the Indies, which are classified under the UNESCO World Heritage. The city conveniently outfitted with numerous art galleries, hotels, restaurants, and bars. 

                                                                                                         Picture: Ashton Drake
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  2. Another place that is often missing from Andalucia guides and best places to visit is Ubeda and Baeza, two small villages in Jaen that are Unesco World Heritage sites. There is so much to see in these two villages and makes a great weekend away from the coast.

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