Best Wellness Retreats in New York

New York is undoubtedly among many cities in the world that never sleeps. And with the recent notorious pandemic, many New Yorkers have suffered from poor mental health just like anyone else in the world. As per stats, many have experienced anxiety, financial stress, loneliness, and depression. And the media has played a huge part in creating uncertainties, confusions, and fears. 

Statistic of mental health in New York

While some are figuring out the ‘New Normal’, others prefer to look for an alternate way of dealing with the mental health issue. Many are opting to pause, and reassess their life. While many of us feel more motivated to quit the rat race, others are stuck between taking the leap of faith or sacrificing their health for money. As we are shifting our perspective in regard to our life, more and more of us are prioritizing our health. Many are opting for alternate ways to heal our mental, emotional and spiritual health.

Are wellness retreats worth it?

There are those choosing to heal through meditation, yoga, art, sound, and dance therapy. Many are having an eye-opening experience when they visit retreat centers to heal their inner self. Some of these retreats offer spiritual guidance while others offer wellness programs. Some of the wellness programs focus on helping people with anxiety, depression, or PTSD. These retreats are a safe haven to relax and get away from the stresses of everyday life. Besides meditating, or doing yoga, these places are perfect to meet other people who are going through similar experiences.

Spiritual retreat in New York

How to prepare for a spiritual retreat?

A spiritual retreat can be anything from a long weekend to an extended stay at a monastery or other religious institution. It serves as a great opportunity to focus on our spiritual well-being and on our life priorities.

It is usually designed to help people find peace, clarity, and healing through meditation, prayer, or other spiritual exercises. It’s a chance to get in touch with your inner being and spend some time with like-minded people. If you are thinking about going on a spiritual retreat, here are some tips that will help you prepare:

  • Figure out what kind of retreat you want to go on. For instance, if you have any health concerns that need specific accommodations then you should look for those types of retreats first. Do you want an all-inclusive resort with spa treatments and yoga classes? Or do you want something more austere with just meditation and prayer sessions?
  • Look for the right location for the type of retreat that you want
  • Research the company that is hosting the retreat


If you are ready to get away from the frenetic world and wish to focus on self-development, healing, and peace, then below check out some of the best spiritual and wellness retreats in New York. 

Blue Cliff Monastery 

Tucked in the beautiful location of Pine Bush, Blue Cliff Monastery is an 80-acre (0.32 km2) Zen Buddhist monastery that functions under the direction of Thích Nhất Hạnh’s Order of Interbeing in the Vietnamese Zen tradition.

The Buddhist monastery is about an hour and a half drive from New York City. The property is kitted out with verdant forest, ponds, and a creek. There are many intensive retreat programs that are held throughout the year. 


mental health in New York

Ananda Ashram

Nestled in the foothills of the Catskill Mountains, just an hour’s drive away from New York City you will find Ananda Ashram. This yoga and spiritual center was founded by Shri Brahmananda Sarasvati. The spiritual center hosts classes including yoga, Sanskrit, Indian dance and music, meditation, and an in-depth approach to life. The ashram offers vegetarian meals, accommodation, and access to the seasonal pool. 


Best Spiritual and Wellness Retreats in New York

Y01 Wellness Catskills

Make YO1 your peaceful sanctuary, where you can connect with your inner self and mother nature. Located in the serene setting of Catskills Mountains in Monticello, this health resort promises many alternate ways of healing through its well-curated programs including counseling, and healing methods consisting of Ayurveda, naturopathy, acupuncture, and yoga. 


Best Spiritual and Wellness Retreats in New York


Women retreat for healing 

Empower your feminine side with this healing retreat exclusively adapted for women. Meet Sara, the humble and experienced yoga practitioner, who dedicated her life to living a plant-based lifestyle. Meet like-minded women, and restore your inner balance to help your body heal from within. 

Her retreat program includes:

  • Reiki
  • Walking Meditation
  • Sound Healing Practices
  • Aroma
  • Plant Food Medicine
  • Accommodation


WOMEN retreat in New York

Transformative 5-day Yoga and Hiking Retreat

Embrace your inner power and self-awareness by joining this 5-day yoga and hiking retreat to transform yourself.  Find a luxurious getaway right in the peaceful surroundings of Saratoga Springs, and immerse yourself in yoga and breathwork sessions guided by experienced instructors. On the afternoons, explore Saratoga’s 1000 acre wonderland of fresh mineral springs, intersecting trails, beautiful meadows, and glorious trees. Hikes culminate with a gentle, guided outdoor yoga and meditation session amongst the surrounding forest. Immerse your senses in nature and let the stress fall away with ease. 


6-day Summer retreat yoga, meditation, and hiking

Right in the tranquil side of Western Catskills embark on a healing and learning journey of thyself. This 6-retreat is a perfect excuse to reward your being with healing energy and a deep connection to nature. The program focuses on practicing yoga, meditation, and forest bathing ( Shinrin-yoku)-all of which carry deep knowledge of healing, self-acceptance, and inner peace. On top of that, you’ll get to hike through many scenic landscapes during your stay at the vintage 1800s Carriage House. 

It’s a wonderful time to participate in this introspective retreat to explore yoga and early Buddhist teachings. 


Hiking and yoga retreat New York

Meditation Retreats in New York

Discover more peace, healing, and connection with yourself and your community at this comprehensive Meditation & Movement Retreat. Six expert instructors will guide you through a variety of powerful practices including walking meditation, Qi Gong, singing bowls, and Reiki — all practiced in the beautiful neighborhood of Pine Bush, just a two-hour drive from New York City.  You will leave feeling recharged, refreshed, and connected to all that is.



Powerful healing therapy with Qigong and meditation 

Are you experiencing fatigue or anxiety? And you are exhausted from the buzzing city life? Perhaps you’d like to learn effective self-healing practices that have been handed down through generations of Chinese Qigong Masters. With this 4-day retreat reclaim your natural state of balance and well-being using specialized meditations, gentle movements, and energy healing techniques taught by experts for many years. 


Best Spiritual and Wellness Retreats in New York




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