Best Wellness Retreats in California

Wellness Retreats in California

California is undoubtedly one of the places that have garnered much attention, especially with its progressive movements, from the protests of the Sixties to modern environmentalist, civil rights, and various reform activities. It is also an epicenter for avid travelers, and off-the-grid seekers to connect with nature, and thyself. From its beach yoga culture to its eco-living, this state never ceases to amaze those who choose to live in an unconventional way. With its amazing topography, and natural resources like hot springs and rugged coastline, California is a perfect destination for a wellness escape.
Below we have narrowed down some of the best wellness retreats in California.

Shambhala Life Extending Wellness Center and Retreat

This comprehensive wellness and retreat center is a place where you can gain a profound understanding and experience of self-healing, natural restful sleep, and harmony with the earth. The retreat center is housed in a monolithic dome inside of a 50-foot Soul Therapy pyramid structure based on the geometric proportion of the octahedron – as two pyramids mirrored. The pyramids have a 51-degree angle that correlates to the principles of measurement that include the circumference of the earth.

A retreat at this healing center is the perfect way to reset your life and recharge your well-being. The Retreat Center has four very comfortable, well-appointed meditation rooms with fans and heaters to keep you comfortable. You will be surrounded by sacred geometric forms, healing Etheric Weaver crystals, sacred images, and statues which will help you experience a deeper place of inner peace during your stay. During your stay, you can also experience Flower Essences and Brainwave Optimization Therapy

Wellness Retreats in California

Canyon Ranch Woodside

An intimate new concept for focused weekend wellness retreats set among centuries-old redwoods. Canyon Ranch Woodside offers expert guidance and inspiring rituals that honor your rhythms, strengthen your connection to life, to others, and to yourself. From the peaceful setting to the intimate size and customized programming, every element is designed to guide you into a remarkable personal encounter.

Their program supports the physical, mental, and spiritual well-being of the individual. Using a holistic approach that examines the goals of each participant and then diagnosing the best way to achieve them. The retreat has a set of mental, emotional, and spiritual tools to help individuals reclaim ownership of their life. The retreat provides customized exercise programs; personalized nutrition guidance; an intuitive toolkit for spiritual wellness; and behavioral therapy tools and techniques.

Wellness centers in California

Anubhuti Meditation and Retreat Center

The Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual Organization created Anubhuti Retreat Center in California to accommodate the spiritual needs of all individuals from different backgrounds. The wellness center is staffed by volunteers who have gained personal and spiritual value from the insights and practices offered by the Brahma Kumaris. The Indian-based Brahma Kumaris teaches Raja Yoga, based on meditation and spiritual self-knowledge. They do not teach a regime of physical postures but instead focus on developing an understanding of the workings of mind, intellect, and subconscious that can be used to become aware of our true natures.

It can be overwhelming when there is too much stress, daily challenges, and over-exposure to social media. It can be difficult to disconnect from our busy lives. Raja Yoga retreats, workshops and online courses provide individuals an opportunity to reset themselves spiritually so they can enjoy a deeper sense of inner peace.

Wellness center -meditation in California

Vedanta Spiritual & Holistic Retreat

When you come to retreat at Vedanta Spiritual and Holistic Retreat, your perception of life changes. This off-the-grid retreat center teaches sustainable living, how to keep up with a positive mindset, and become more in tune with oneself. Their aim is to be a major catalyst in the transformation of humankind, working with individuals and institutions to integrate body, mind, heart, spirit, and community in a nurturing relationship with the environment.

There are numerous transformative programs including healing, meditation, yoga, and community building.


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