Hike to Cascade 500 Pieds in Mauritius

Cascade 500 PIEDS


Sometimes there are moments in your life that make you want to ‘’surrender’’ to the soothing realm of nature-seeing things around you with a sense of contentment and gratitude. Some places are simply blessed for remaining in their true state just like Cascade 500 Pieds. 

Pristine, wild, luxuriantly green, and breath-taking are some of the limited words to describe ‘’Cascade 500 Pieds’’, which literally means waterfall of 500 ft. This intimidating and stunningly beautiful waterfall tumbles 500 ft down a deep ravine in Black River Gorges. Its summit overlooks the enchanting verdant valley of Chamouny on the south coast of Mauritius. The island usually conjures up images of white beaches, coconut palm trees, and turquoise ocean, yet the untamed lush green sides are sometimes ignored.

How to get to Cascade 500 Pieds?

You can easily access the waterfall by heading to the iconic Alexandra Falls nestled in the Black River Gorges National Park. Begin your hike from the park, also a picnic area where you will find wooden tables scattered under tall trees. You will instantly feel the slight drop in temperature.

As you head towards the scenic viewpoint, you will come across a huge signpost of the Black River area, then take the left direction towards a muddy and unspoiled path. Walk along the path, and you will soon find this place suffused with indigenous plants and trees galore. There are majestic views, slow-flowing to rushing streams, and rare bird species soaring the sky.  At this initial stage of the hike, the soil is pretty flat and easy to walk. Tread lightly, breathe the fresh air, and surrender yourself!

As you descend the path you will encounter some rough terrains, which simply means it’s time to sweat. While taking some random pauses you can please your taste bud with the wild berries. Watch your steps as you head deeper. Keep on hiking until you hear the roaring sounds of the tumbling waterfall and reach on the top of a cliff bestowed with an amazing view of the south coast of Mauritius. And as a reward, there’s a natural ‘jacuzzi’ where you can enjoy the fresh water.

Quick info about Cascade 500 Pieds

Duration: 1.5 Hours (roundtrip)

Length: 1.8 miles (roundtrip)

Caution: Avoid going too far to the edge of the cliff

Ponder on this quote please, ‘’we must protect the forests for our children, grandchildren, and children yet to be born. We must protect the forest for those who can’t speak for themselves such as birds, animals, fish and trees.’’-Qwatsinas (Hereditary Chief Edward Moody), Nuxalk Nation


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