Italian Eco Farmhouses

Consider these Eco Farmhouses in Northern Italy

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Campo di Luna-Farmhouse

An inspiring couple who devoted their time into building what is now the sustainable Campo Di Luna-a rustic-chic farmhouse perched on the rolling hill of Sarzana in the northwestern part of Italy (smack in the coastal region of Liguria, with Tuscany to the east) welcomes travelers and students (WWOOF Italia) from around the world who want to experience a sustainable traveling approach.

Eco Farmhouse in Italy-Culturetravelsite
Image: Campo di Luna

This farmhouse is engulfed by rolling hills overlooking the azure Le Cinque Terre sea-a sanctuary of peace and relaxation sealed away from the prying eyes. And, it also comes with perks such as nearby cultural attractions like the medieval villages holding centuries of history, and natural parks, including The Cinque Terre National Park (within 25 km from the property). This means staying here you not only experience eco-tourism or cultural immersion, but you also get to be adventurous by mountain biking or hiking off-beaten-the-tracks.

Campo di Luna Farmhouse woods

Campo di Luna woods

Both Pinuccia, and Alberto practiced organic farming on their four hectares of land growing blackberries, raspberries, olives, apples, cherries, plums, artichokes, asparagus, and local vegetables. And, that’s the reason you would find the freshest and flavorful ingredients in her cuisine. Their sustainable approaches also include using renewable energy, rainwater to irrigate and spring water to drink.

Organic fruits in Italian Farmhouse-Culturetravelsite
Organic fruits at
Campo di Luna
organic berries at the farmhouse-culturetravelsite
organic berries at Campo di Luna

About the Farmhouse Guestrooms:

The immaculate bedroom has wood floor, a double bed with a soft crisp sheet, wooden furniture, a large wardrobe, and an ensuite marble bathroom with shower, and toiletries. And, there can’t be any better place than downing a cup of tea in the large living room set with grey upholstered armchairs, (and a rustic piano as well), which overlooks the verdant landscape. But if you wish to spend a relaxing and private moment surrounded by the enchanting nature of this area, then the outside red hammock sounds like the kind of place to curl up with a good book, while you may also be able to connect to the world with the free Wi-Fi access…

Farmhouses in Italy-Culturetravelsite
Living Room of Campo di Luna

La Fattoria dell’Autosufficienza- Farmhouse

Nestled on the green rolling foothills on the edge of the Foreste Casentinesi National Park in Emilia-Romagna northern Italy, La Fattoria dell’Autosufficienza offers exceptional traveling experiences that every conscious traveler would want to while visiting Italy. Its particularity is its enchanting luxuriantly green location part of the Mountain community of the Cesena Apennines, consisting of a sprawling 68-hectare of land with fields of golden meadows, pastures, cultivations, and woods.

Italian Farmhouse-Culturetravelsite
La Fattoria dell’Autosufficienza

Originally founded by Macrolibrarsi and Angelo Francesco Rosso in 2009, today this ecological center offers staying experiences in parallel to eco and agri-tourism. Parts of their lands are predominantly used for cultivating vegetables, berries, aromatic herbs, cereals and fruits-all of which are organically grown. They also believe in the concept of boasting farm-to-table concept,where visitors staying at their guest rooms are offered the freshest produce (as possible).

About the Farmhouse Guestrooms:

Eco room at La Fattoria dell’Autosufficienza
Guestroom at
La Fattoria dell’Autosufficienza

It’s a  stone-walled property and orange terracotta rooftops, which melds in perfect harmony with natural surroundings, as it was constructed with hemp, stones, wood, and earth. The interior has bucolic and contemporary touches such as the immaculate wooden ceiling, rustic stone facade, hardwood floor, wooden chairs, cupboards, and a cozy fireplace. To feel the harmonious vibe of the place going barefoot is how the guests would rather prefer. The bucolic-chic bedrooms are outfitted with a cozy bed with crisp linens, wooden furniture, and comes with a bathroom having eco-friendly toiletries. Some of the guestrooms offer a breathtaking view of Mount Comero. The on-site restaurant offers buffet breakfast and Italian cuisine with a vegetarian dish upon request. Other facilities include free Wi-Fi access, bicycles, horse riding, and outdoor tours can also be organized.

Rustic couch Farmhouse
rustic couch at
La Fattoria dell’Autosufficienza

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