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Can you picture a surreal place in Mauritius, where you can rejuvenate yourself completely? Well, that place could be somewhere I know. Tired of the routine lifestyle, I was desperately looking for some moments of ‘connection’ with nature. And when the suggestion of going to the Eau Bleue Waterfalls came up, I didn’t hesitate for a second.

Located in the southeastern part of Mauritius, the Eau Bleue waterfalls is known for its enthralling beauty. It has got its name due to its turquoise water which is supplied by underground water springs. The place has five spectacular waterfalls with a height ranging from 8 to 15 meters.

Trip to Eau Bleue

The adventure started right from leaving home in the morning at eight. My sister and I had to face the wrath of the heavy rainfall, which was kind of fun while walking on the road, holding an umbrella, and also looking for a taxi. After much struggle with the rain, we finally made it to the meeting point to join a group of friends. On the way, we had a small stop at Trianon to buy some foodstuffs, and soon we departed. After half an hour of drive, we reached a place called ‘Cluny’ which was quite secluded and surrounded by lush green mountains. I was quite pleased to see people living there practising subsistence agriculture.

We drove further to enter an isolated lane surrounded by sugar plantations. We went at the far end of the lane till we met a partly fenced area.  The landscape just behind it was a drastic change! A little nature paradise with a flowing river almost dispersing the whole area to end up in gorgeous waterfalls! The green grasses, the shrubs, and trees were all adding a beautiful touch to this little sanctuary. And to add more to this beautiful scenery, the splendid turquoise blue water basin (which can be around 5 to 6 meters deep) was inviting us to take a refreshing plunge!

To have a close-up look of the turquoise water, we went down the right side of the fenced area. We had to find our way in the middle of banana trees and bushes, the path was very slippery and muddy! At one point it felt like we were in the midst of a jungle! The path descended to a stream, and there you can see the spellbinding waterfalls and the blue water basin, which were the highlights of the place. The surrounding vegetations were luxuriantly green and were giving a soothing effect to the mind.

Obviously, we couldn’t miss the chance to capture the moment with selfies!

Lush Green Eau Bleue Waterfalls

Then we headed to the other side of Eau Bleue just some meters away by car. As we got down the car, challenges were awaiting us. We soon realized the rugged and wild nature of the place surrounded by sugarcane fields, rough terrains, and wild vegetations.

We chose the first less challenging path, and mind you it was filled with plenty of blood sucking mosquitoes! So it is better to put mosquito repellent before you start hiking. The path can be slippery and rough, so watch out your step. While hiking you will feel the density of the area, and the splendid masterpiece of nature. Every little corner of this paradise is so pristine, muddy, humid, and was vibrating with the sounds of the waterfalls. The ferns, the moisten bark of woods, the rocks, and the mud were altogether complimenting the unspoiled beauty of this place.

We kept on walking until we finally reached to one of the spectacular waterfalls! It was absolutely stunning, there were the wild branches hanging down the crystal clear water. This was absolutely not the typical image of Mauritius.

Eaue Bleue Waterfalls

After the sweaty hike, we took great pleasure for a great chill plunge! Those with little swimming experiences should rather stay in the shallow water. There is no word to describe the rejuvenating feeling of the refreshingly cool water. It was so soothing and ‘healing’- a perfect way to drain all your fatigue and stress.

nature Hike

After having spent some quality moments together, we decided to head to the challenging part of the adventure. We had to return back to the point where we first started and descended a seriously challenging wall of sediment with roots of trees running down. We had to go down one by one, and measure each of our steps so as to avoid any mishaps. There was a thick rope attached to a root in case of assistance.

Upon reaching down, we headed to a less humid area where we could actually sit and eat. On the way, there were bamboo trees, and bark of woods scattered. To my pleasant surprise, I saw some really gorgeous white oyster mushrooms. They were so perfectly attached to the decaying woods.

Eau Bleue Waterfalls

As we headed to the next waterfall we were all captivated by the scenery which was spectacular just like the previous one, yet this one had a mystical look. The blue tint was omnipresent; the bending bamboos and vegetations were framing the splendid waterfall.

There were some good swimmers who were already enjoying the water. We swam and had a great moment of connecting ourselves with nature. We took some last pictures of the day.

Eau Bleue Waterfalls

Eau Bleue Waterfalls Tips:

  • The paths are quite rough, slippery, and muddy, so small kids and babies are not recommended, as some paths can be dangerous.
  • Bring mosquito repellent
  • Don’t wear anything brand new
  • You should be physically fit somehow to be able to climb rugged terrains
  • If you are not a good swimmer, it is advisable not to swim too deep in the water
  • After a meal at least wait 1 hour if you wish to swim

Humble Request:

As we have so far enjoyed the virgin Eau Bleue Waterfalls, it is better to leave that place to its true wild nature.  So please avoid littering the area, and don’t forget to take all your litters before you leave the place.

How to get to Eau Bleue?

You can reach Eau Bleue from either Port-Louis or Curepipe by taking the M2 motorway. As soon as you reach the Souillac and Union Park roundabout, take the left towards Union Park. Just as you reach the filling station, take Cluny Road (B83) on the left. After a barely 10-minute drive, you will reach Eau Bleue Waterfall.


Eau Bleue Waterfalls


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