Must-Go Festivals in Italy

festival in Italy

If you wish to keep the typical mainstream Italian travel destinations at bay and prefer something fun and cultural, then this summer and the upcoming autumn are going to be different in Italy. Have you ever heard of  Sticciano Scalo, San Teodoro, and Forlimpopoli? Well, these off-the-radar travel destinations are going to be on your bucket list for some good reasons-succulent Italian delicacies, wine, music, not to mention the amusing folklore tales are all going to sweep you off your feet. Below find a compiled list of some amazing must-go festivals in Italy to attend:

Umbria Jazz Festival- Perugia

Have you ever experienced a live Jazz concert right in a medieval city dotted with Gothic architectures? If not, then this summer Perugia is hosting the Umbria Jazz Festival between 12th to 21st of July at several venues such as the Pavone Theatre, Oratorio Santa Cecilia and the Carducci gardens. The 10-day Jazz music festival has been happening since 1973 and has showcased great artists like Elton John and Eric Clapton. This year you can expect more artists notably Diana Krall, Paolo Conte, and Richard Benson to entertain you.


This vibrant 8-day music festival happens annually, where music artists and party animals across the world come together to celebrate music at the pristine Italian island of Sardinia in San Teodoro, where talcum-white beaches and pink flamingos await you. It’s easy to understand why hordes of party-goers keep on coming to this much-happening festival over the past decades, think Italian food, cocktails, sun-soaked beaches, funky vibes and of course music. This year SUNANDBASS is going to happen from the 7th to the 14th of September.

Strozzapreti fair- Sticciano Scalo

When it comes to food festivals or the sagra in Italy you know you’re not only going to have a sumptuous Italian feast but also going to learn about the old folktales associated with it. And one fine example is ‘Strozzapreti’ (meaning ‘priest stranglers’) festival. Back in the 1600s when locals had enough of the wicked priests, they created special a corkscrewed-looking pasta and offered it to one of the priests, who gulped it and choked himself to death. After this ‘’fateful” event, locals have been celebrating this for many years, especially in Sticciano Scalo-a hamlet in Tuscany lauded for its food festivals. The Strozzapreti pasta is basically made with the traditional method-hand rolled and served with tomato and garlic sauce called aglione. If you’re visiting Italy this summer, then don’t miss this food festival which is likely to happen between 6th to 15th July.

The Artusiana Food and Wine Festival

The sagra continues in the culinary capital of Forlimpopoli-home to the founding father of modern Italian cookery, Pellegrino Artusi (1820-1911), who first published a collective of cookbooks with over 700 recipes! The Artusiana Food and Wine Festival happens annually in view to commemorate his work. You can participate in this 10-day festival packed with excellent Italian gastronomy, along with live street shows, concerts and exhibitions-all happening in the Old Town on the 22nd of June.  Though, what makes it particular this year is its theme based on food waste, where you’ll get to learn how to use leftovers in a creative way. And that’s not all. You will be presented with an eclectic range of interesting organic products.

International white Truffle in Alba

This most anticipated food fair is going to happen in a medieval ambiance in Alba, where the main highlight is the Truffle, notably the Tuber Magnatum Pico. Truffle is a valuable delicacy featured in many culinary cultures from Italian to French and Ottoman. Its first appearance was in the neo-Sumerian inscription. This year the Alba White Truffle World Market is taking place between October and November, where visitors will have the chance to buy a smorgasbord of products such as dried pasta, wines (Monferrato, Langhe), hazelnut, and of course truffles. Live cooking shows helmed by Michelin-starred chefs, donkey race, workshops, and tastings opportunities will be on the menu. Don’t forget to bring your truffle slicer with you whenever you feel like adding truffles on your dishes.

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