Rodrigues Island Getaway: Travel Guide 2018

Whether you’re seeking for an island getaway or travel inspirations, this is a sign that you are on the lookout for happiness, adventure, or a break from routine life. Who doesn’t dream of sun-soaked beaches, gorgeous turquoise ocean, deserted islands, lush green wilderness, scrumptious cuisine, and the never-ending list?

Far behind the bustling cities, there is a little, hidden gem found in the south-western part of the Indian Ocean known as Rodrigues Island. Very little is known about this tiny island which covers an area of 108 km2. No doubt it is always referred to as the ‘sleeping beauty’ of the Indian Ocean. What makes this island authentic is its friendly people, rich Creole heritage, and its wilderness. Rodrigues can definitely be your next travel destination to hibernate.

Rodrigues Island Getaway is the first-ever travel guide book dedicated exclusively to Rodrigues Island. This guide provides travellers with:

  • Insightful information about the island’s history, culture, economy, people, flora, and fauna
  • Tips and recommendations including must-visit places, local cuisine, thrilling activities, accommodation ranging from eco-lodges to hotels, and villas
  • Coloured images showcasing the island’s natural beauty
  • Handy information like website links, basic Creole phrases/words, and colourful maps

With all the information in hands, you are ready to go for a memorable trip! This is not your typical island destination, rather you are meant to get lost in the wilderness and appreciate the present moment!

Find its  print version on here


Note: Please note that the Rodrigues Island Getaway- Travel Guide is temporarily unavailable.