Hiking the Highest Point of Rodrigues Island-Mont Limon

Mont Limon Rodrigues Island

With 398 meters (1300 ft) above sea level, Mont Limon is a unique destination in Rodrigues if you are looking to connect with nature right in the middle of this island. A leisurely hike to this green sanctuary leads to some of the best awe-inspiring views of Palisade village, not to mention the breathtaking sea horizon with tiny dotted islets.

Mont Limon - Hiking in Rodrigues Island

Mont Limon is basically easy to access as it is located close to the capital-Port Mathurin. I decided to take the bus and hike from downtown Mont Lubin to the Peak with a local friend. The weather was not in our favor, as it was raining. Normally, this part of the island experiences a little drop in temperature, so it was a bit cold when we got over there.

As we got out of the bus we were looking for food and water supplies. It’s not difficult to find restaurants and other facilities like the ATM at Mont Lubin. My friend took me to one of the famous restaurants in the area, notably ‘Restaurant Mengoz’, and I bought potato and green papaya salad, while my friend took pork and bread.

We took our foodstuff and walked across the meandering roads, where I got to experience the hustle and bustle of this little town. The locals were pretty curious seeing me as I was among the very few travelers living on the island escaping the pandemic. Thankfully Rodrigues Island is Covid-free, and people can walk freely.

As we reached closer to Mont Limon mountain, it was getting colder, and at some point, it was pouring intensely. There was fog, and I was just enjoying the chilled weather. Arriving at the entrance of the mountain I got pretty excited, not until I walked some 10 minutes to realize that I was already at the peak of the mountain. Though, climbing here made me pant a little bit.

Hiking in Rodrigues Island

At the summit, it was simply amazing to see the marvelous view of the lush green surroundings, and also the blue sea horizon. Not too long, it rained again, and the entire place was cloaked with fog. So we sheltered ourselves under the trees, and interestingly we saw plenty of wild fruits such as the small yellow ‘pomme singe’, of course, I couldn’t resist as I was curious to know how it tastes. With some luck, we picked up some of the wild yellow fruits from the bending trees. Eventually, it stopped raining and we enjoyed our delicious meal in a dry place.



While making our way back we saw plenty of other fruits including wild berries, and local citrus fruits. It was fun but the air was filled with biting mosquitoes-the cost of venturing into the wild…

Wild berries

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