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Though I’ve always been a bit sceptical about the way tour operators function at the nearby islets surrounding Mauritius, yet I had to go for a ‘trial tour’ at the gorgeous Ile aux Cerfs, which is situated in the eastern coast of Mauritius.

With the winter and flu around, I was not so convinced to join the Ile aux Cerfs trip, but then I had to change my mind cause after all it’s about fun and adventures. We were six and had to get to the pickup point at eight sharp.


After having spent 45 minutes of drive to the meetup point at Trou D’eau Douce (Parking-Four a Chaux), we finally met the person in charge, who later on briefed us about the itinerary.

It was windy but that didn’t discourage us from clicking some ‘usual selfies’ while waiting for the speedboat to take us to Ile aux Cerfs. Shortly, we were joined by a very friendly skipper who then took us there.

ME 2

On the way, I feasted my eyes on the vivid turquoise colour of the lagoon, and the luxuriant flora, where mangrove trees are very much present. With the plentiful sunshine and people around, I felt like I was on vacation (well a short one indeed!).

Ile aux Cerfs

Upon reaching to the shore, we met some welcoming guides and skippers who were happy to receive us. We went for a small leisure stroll where we were explained about how they operate on the island, while they take into consideration of the environment and security of their customers. I was pleasantly surprised to see a small shared infirmary, just in case of any accident.

Ile aux Cerfs Mauritius

As we went along exploring the island, we noticed some restaurants and bars implanting there to receive tourists all year round. Besides, there are many fun activities for adults as well as children, such as the treetop adventure, and plenty of thrilling sea-air adventures to spend the day.

Ile aux Cerfs Mauritius

Additionally, on the southern half of Ile aux Cerfs, there is a 38 hectare of golf area with the 18 holes snaking up and down the length of the island. It was of no surprise that we spotted a part of the beach accessible to some  privileged customers.

Golf course Mauritius- Ile aux Cerfs

After the small briefing, we were all set to enjoy the activities! We started with the tube ride which was definitely the ultimate adrenaline rush. We were three on a big towable water tube, and yelled at the top of our voice as the speed boat was towing us and making turns.

For the next activity, I was pretty excited since I always wanted to do parasailing. We went to a platform through a boat transfer, where a fun-loving team was waiting for us. They helped us embark on the platform, and from there we were ready to go!

We were given a short explanation and were all equipped with a life vest, along with a secured certified harness for the tandem parasail. Upon my turn, I was a bit nervous but very thrilled to experience the remarkable bird eye’s view.

After a quick safety check, the boat driver started the engine and gradually accelerated the boat to tow us. We slowly took off from the launch pod, and enjoyed a 10-minute parasail flight above the turquoise lagoon with a magnificent view of the island and ocean. It was worth each second!

Parasailing Ile aux Cerfs

From there, we headed to the next best thing- the Grand River South East on an exhilarating speedboat ride! As we approached the waterfall we were charmed by the enchanting beauty of the area. For once, I felt like I was in the Amazon on seeing the luxuriant vegetation and the spellbinding waterfall scampering down the huge rocks.

Ile aux Cerfs- Grand River South East

Grand River South East Waterfall

There were many other boats filled with tourists who were taking pictures and were also trying to grab the attention of some cute macaque monkeys living there.

Macaque Monkey- Ile aux Cerfs


With the overwhelming scenery in our mind, we left for the nearby Ilot Mangenie (small islet) to enjoy our BBQ lunch. On reaching there, we were all greeted by the warm welcoming staffs who were ready to serve us. We heartily enjoyed our lunch, which included a variety of drinks.

Just as we were about to finish our meal, we had the privilege to enjoy a live music entertainment. Later, we were encouraged to dance along the famous ‘Li tourné, Li tourné’ sega. It was fun to have the tourists dancing with us, and to my utter surprise one was even ulutating!

Ile aux Cerfs Entertainment

To end our fabulous journey, we went to a platform for an undersea walk experience through a boat transfer. On getting there, we met a team of very friendly guides to accompany us throughout the activity. I was a bit hesitant in the beginning but then was reassured by the team.

We received a pre-departure briefing on the gear safety procedures and on the underwater walking trail. We were also taught about the ear equalization techniques, proper breathing, and hand signals for a successful underwater communication.Then with the help of the guides, we went for a blissful 6-minute undersea walk.

undersea walk - Ile aux Cerfs

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