Interesting Things to do in Spain for your next vacation

Interesting Things to do in Spain- Vacation

Whether you would like to blend with the locals (known for their genuine friendly hospitality) while celebrating Spanish festivals or dance on some of the best music beats played by local artists or international DJs,  or simply indulge in a luxurious setting, fret not we’ve got your back! Below we have a list of interesting things to do in Spain. Check them out: 

Have fun at the Weekend Beach Festival in Torre del Mar, Spain

With a combination of a romantic stay in southern Spain and funky weekends at the beach festival happening annually at the coastal town of Torre del Mar, your weekend getaway couldn’t get any better when in Spain. Get ready for the next Weekend Beach Festival, where you can definitely swing on some techno, reggae, hip-hop, and indie beats. Expect international DJs and local music artists coming together to give a spectacular performance!  

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Weekend Beach Festival in Torre del Mar
image: Manuel Javier

Where to stay: La Bobadilla-Spain

La Bobadilla - Where to stay in Spain

And to top it off, La Bobadilla just an-hour drive from Torre del Mar makes it a perfect romantic bolthole to whisk away. After an electrifying night, find yourself in a lowkey 350-hectare estate abuzz with olive groves and almond trees beckoning romantic couples for a royal stay-think of plush suites with terrace decorated with Andalusian-inspired prints on the walls and terracotta underfoot, while offering breathtaking views of the surroundings.


Experience  the ‘Night of Fire’ with the locals in Mallorca

How about spending this summer with your family in the beach resort of Mallorca (Majorca) tucked away in the Mediterranean sea where you are not only pampered with the long stretches of white beaches, balmy coastal weather, and enchanting medieval villages but you can also get to experience the local culture at its best. Some might consider this place to be a little bland, which is the case to some extent but when festivals like the Nit del Foc (The Night of Fire) are on the horizon then things get pretty exciting and spectacular. Usually takes place in June (on the eve of the Sant Joan), this ‘street’ festival is celebrated with pomp, fireworks, and there are parades and processions which become the talk of the town.

Night of Fire- Spain Festival

Where to stay: Park Hyatt Mallorca -Spain

Park Hyatt Mallorca, Spain

The other reason you would probably choose Mallorca is because of its far cry eastern coastal location, where all-inclusive resorts like the Park Hyatt have been the prime choice of many families on vacation. Nestled in the Cap Vermell valley, the pink sand-colored complex has been created to mimic the traditional Majorcan village, where guests can access services conveniently-its central square connects to the swimming pool, bar-lounges, and restaurants. One of the top dining recommendations has to be the Balearic restaurant which serves local fare, but if you are into some spicy and tangy dishes, then the Asia restaurant has got some lip-smacking seafood curries and chicken rendang. And besides doing the obvious-lazing on the sun-soaked beach, there is the Serenitas Spa, which is another way to treat yourself with harmonizing spa treatments. 


Explore Marbella’s own French Riviera

The more likable Mediterranean hanging spot of the A-listers and posh guests with deep pockets, Marbella holds a stellar location in southern Spain. The splendor of the place is at its Old Town dotted with whitewash buildings topped with the sublime terracotta roofs, and where you can find little squares for gustatory delights. Though the glam of the place is Puerto Banus decked out with ostentatious displays of wealth. No wonder hordes of tourists come here because of its Michelin-starred restaurants, designer boutiques, high-end golf courses, and marinas filled with yachts.

Marbella, Spain Old Town
image: Wikimedia Commons

Where to stay: Marbella Club

Marbella Club Hotel, Spain

Once a plush residence of an aristocratic family, the Marbella Club has been reimagined to become the ultra-luxe resort hosting celebrities like Richard Burton and Audrey Hepburn in the 1960s. And today it has still become a favorite hideaway for celebrities who want to escape typical cities like Barcelona abuzz with crowds. Styled in classic Andalusian architecture with arched walkways, whitewashed walls, and blue tiles yet the looks are only the tips of the iceberg. The real showstopper is its unbeatable world-class spa providing the couture healing menu from uplifting reflexology to glorious thalassotherapy treatments. Here cocktails at the seventies-style pool, chilling at the MC beachfront club, and playing at the Golf Club House are the norms.


Visit the Game of Thrones majestic film locations in Seville

If you happened to be a fan of the much-anticipated TV series Game of Thrones, then for your next vacation visit the majestic Game of Thrones filming locations in Seville. This metropolitan city is certainly different from other Spanish cities. Its blending Moorish and Roman architectures have no doubt appealed to many avid travelers. Historical landmarks such as the UNESCO protected Alcázar palace (featured in season 5 and 6 as Dorne’s Water Gardens), and the ancient ruins of the Italica amphitheater (the Dragonpit on King’s Landing in season 7) built in 206 BC are some of the popular attractions to visit in Seville not only because of the show but also due to their historical significances.

Alcázar Palace, Spain
image: Wikimedia Commons

 Where to stay: Hotel Alfonso XIII-Spain

Hotel Alfonso XIII, Spain

Just a couple of minutes away from the Real Alcázar lies the eponymous Hotel Alfonso XIII which was built to cater for high personalities, including King Alfonso XIII and Queen Victoria Eugenie of Battenberg for the Seville’s 1929 world fair. This is where exhausted A-listers like to seek refuge in an Old World of luxury, where impressive artistic works are displayed through mosaic-covered arches, colonnaded courtyard, and frescoed ceilings. And there is no better place to relax after your ‘Game of Thrones tour’ than in the comfort of the regal suite, which comes with a marble-clad bathroom. And perks of staying here are many-from the Michelin-starred Ena restaurant to the  Bar Americano (where Hemingway drank) and the inviting swimming pool, every little corner screams indulgence.


Participate in the Haro Wine Battle in La Rioja

Spain is definitely known for its many fierce festivals such as the San Fermin (running of the bulls) and Tomatina Festival (battle with tomatoes) but in La Rioja, the choice of weapon is the vino (wine), and it is no surprise since this autonomous community is an exceptional wine-making region. The battle consists of competing in drinking red wine which Spain is much-touted for. The festival normally takes place at the end of June with a procession, where people carry jugs of red wine till the Cliffs of Bilibio, and it’s from there where the real fiesta begins,  where people toss wine at each other!

Haro Wine Battle in La Rioja
image: Wikimedia Commons

 Where to stay: Hotel Marques de Riscal – Spain

Hotel Marques de Riscal 

The avant-garde Hotel Marques de Riscal, which is one of the most renowned works of Frank Gehry beckons discerning guests to retreat. Styled with a remarkably vibrant exterior- silver, red and gold-metal ribbon roof, the hotel exudes high-end design in its interior too. The 43 suites are plush hole-ups for A-listers, where amenities such as bright red leather furniture, palatial bathroom, and Gehry white cloud lamps are displayed. Two of its highlights are the award-winning Vinothérapie Caudalie Marqués de Riscal spa, and the Michelin-starred restaurant offering exquisite cuisine with a good selection of wine from the region.

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