Kitesurfing in Rodrigues Island

Kitesurfing in Rodrigues Island

If you’re looking to chase untamed waves and get into the wilderness on a remote island untouched by the pandemic, then Rodrigues Island is hands down your best bet. This off-the-radar destination is home to many thrill-seekers who enjoy sliding on the azure lagoon known for its flat surface, not to mention the trade winds that blow on the southeastern part of the island making it an ideal hotspot for kitesurfers. 

Before the pandemic, Rodrigues was flooded by kitesurfing enthusiasts coming from around the world for the much-anticipated annual Kitesurfing festival which has been traditionally celebrated but things have changed drastically with the notorious pandemic. 

Kiteboarding in Rodrigues Island


Now local kite surfers are looking for ways to motivate themselves and hoping that things will get back to normal with international flights. In the meantime, locals are organizing small kitesurf competitions to keep up the spirits. What’s interesting here is the fact that Rodriguans are very supportive of each other especially in difficult times. Mourouk being a kitesurfing hotspot has a thriving community of kitesurfers, fishermen, and sailing enthusiasts who sometimes indulge in regatta races. And to keep up the spirit the kitesurfing clubs are showcasing local talents through these competitions in the hope to attract young kitters across the island. 


Regatta in Rodrigues Island - Kitesurf festivals

Quick Info about Kitesurfing in Rodrigues Island 

Kitesurfing Hotspot: Mourouk

Ideal Time to Kitesurf: May – October

Average Knots:  Between 20 and 25 knots 

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Rodrigues Island Beach

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