Off-The-Beaten Travel Destinations to Consider

Alcalá la Real, Spain


No wonder people have always been yearning for that off-the-beaten travel destination where one can connect with nature, culture, people and the serenity. A less-crowded destination, where you can contemplate the unspoiled beauty of the rugged land and its wilderness. A place to witness the beauty of past history through sublime architectures. From the medieval European towns to the red-scorched deserts of Arizona and the lush green of Kerala, discover some of the awe-inspiring off-the-beaten travel destinations below:

Alcalá la Real, Spain

As you land in this country you will instantly fall in love with its history, culture, and dramatic landscapes. From the yummy tacos, never-ending vibrating festivals to its glorious Moorish, Baroque and Gothic architectures, Spain is one of the Mediterranean countries that will definitely take your breath away. A land of celebration Spain has undoubtedly attracted many intrepid travelers, and backpackers for years, yet there are still some off-the-beaten Spanish places that many have probably ignored. Head to southern Spain in the medieval town of Alcalá la Real, where you will have the chance to marvel at the sun-baked Andalusian plains dotted with olive and cypress trees, where you will be able to witness the Spanish culture and its intriguing history. This secluded town is perched in the province of Jaén, or between Cordoba and Granada. It is home to the iconic and magnificent Moorish fortress Fortaleza de la Mota stands majestically with its high church tower.

Levie, Corsica

The picturesque, secluded, and untamed Corsica invites travelers to experience its raw beauty at the shore of the turquoise foaming Mediterranean sea. This bewitching French territory lies about 100 kilometers (62 miles) away from the French Riviera. Corsica is the fourth largest island in the Mediterranean, and it is divided into two regions, notably, the north with Bastia, and south with Ajaccio. One of its must-visit places is in the Alta Rocca region nestled in the bucolic town of Levie. This medieval town will charm you with its exceptional beauty of the rugged and wild landscapes oozing with the picturesque view of the dense pine forests, olive groves, medieval houses with terracotta roofs, and majestic mountains in the backdrop. Enjoy an amazing road trip through its narrow winding roads to appreciate its sheer beauty. There is a diverse range of activities such as hiking, mountain biking, kayaking, snorkeling or a trip on the boat.

Vermont, USA

Once home to the indigenous Mohawk and Algonquian-speaking Abenaki people, Vermont is practically the land of four seasons. Its name has probably been taken from its majestic Green Mountains which run from the north to the south up to the middle of the state. This northeastern American state radiates with its fiery red, orange, and yellow kaleidoscopic maple leaves which contrast perfectly with the verdant rolling hills in the backdrop. Among its glorious topography are its breathtaking turquoise swimming holes, flourishing hardwoods, conifers, bucolic farmlands, and picturesque villages. It is equally known for its world-class ski resorts. Adventure seekers have a wide range of exciting activities like kayaking, mountain biking, hiking, camping, swimming and many more!

La Chapelle-sur-Erdre

Ditch the mainstream French tourist hotspot like Paris, and head to the medieval French commune La Chapelle-sur-Erdre. Home to the fine Gallo-Roman architectures, this western part of France will take you back in times through its historical elegant medieval castles and manors. The commune is part of Pays de La Loire, which is reputed for its charming castles such as the Château de Brissac. A tour of this sublime town will show you its sustainable measures towards its environment. The municipal encourages its residents to use bicycles to cover short distances. There are numerous biking trails like Gesvrine-La Coutancière, or Port aux Cerises where visitors can explore its vineyards and gorgeous Loire Valley.

Ari, Italy

The secluded Italian commune Ari is perched on the high and evocative hillock of the south-eastern region of Italy. The highlights of this verdant commune are its bucolic countrysides which still have the medieval influences, the verdant vineyards, majestic mountain ranges, and the cobalt Adriatic coastline. Staying in this medieval town you will find unspoiled national parks, captivating UNESCO heritage sites, and the dramatic landscapes. Savor the typical Italian hospitality and get to learn more about its locals.

Arizona, USA

Sprawling luxuriant pine forests, red-scorched canyons, a desert filled with pink-blossom cacti, upscale nightlife and plush resorts definitely suggest Arizona’s contrasting nature. This southwestern American State invites travelers to experience its Mexican, Anglo, and Native American deep cultural heritage. This can be your unique chance to find the less explored territories like the Hopi villages which date back to 1000 years. Home to the iconic and spectacular Grand Canyon, Red Rock State Park,  and Monument Valley which have always amazed travelers. Its bewitching creeks, spellbinding waterfalls, and rugged landscapes have beckons backpackers who wish to connect with the vibrant natural wonders. One of the must-visit spots is its Havasu Falls known for its contrasting red canyons and 100-foot (30.48-meter) high turquoise Havasu waterfall.


Kerala conjures up the image of luscious palm-fringed land, lush green rice paddy fields, and the dramatic kathakali dance. This south Indian state is known to be the safest and culturally rich especially with its south Indian dishes like dosa. Kerala is bestowed with diverse wildlife, scintillating waterfalls, scenic backwaters with rustic houseboats and the ever-green tea plantations. This blissful sanctuary is also known for its healing and soothing traditional Ayurvedic spa treatments. Kerala is indeed a true haven for backpackers and avid travelers to indulge in many fun and adventurous activities like hiking, kayaking, swimming, paragliding and many more. This country of unparalleled beauty showcases its culture and tradition through its vibrant temple festivals and epic Kalaripayattu martial art. Its rich history has left remnants of ancient civilizations as well. 

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