Slow Travel – Episode 12

On this podcast, I talk about Rodrigues Island and its beauty. The lessons that I am learning and the importance of slow travel.  [...]

COVID-19 in Perspective -Episode 8

In the midst of the notorious Coronavirus (COVID-19), more than ever we are starting to ask questions about the way we have been living our life? more than ever our perspective is shifting. [...]

Psychedelics and Conscious Travelers- Episode 7

In this new episode, I’m going to talk about psychedelics and conscious travelers. How psychedelics from the counterculture is making a comeback slowly in the laboratory, and what it means to conscious travelers. [...]

The Healing Power of Drumming – Episode 6

Drumming has probably originated from the shamanic societies where it was used as a tool to go in an altered state of consciousness. Learn more about the healing power of drumming in this podcast episode [...]

From Ritual Dance to Belly Dance – Episode 4

In this podcast, you will get to learn about the evolution of ritual dance or sacred dance to Bellydance. Understand the significant role played by the devadasis, vestal virgins, and the Berbers in regard to the evolution of dance. [...]