Retreating in Rodrigues Island- Indian Ocean

Rodrigues Island -Retreat

In a world of chaos, fear, Covid, and panic, I seek refuge in Rodrigues Island tucked away in the Indian Ocean. Right now I am sitting at my doorstep, and mesmerized by the soothing view of the ocean and the dusky sky while writing this little piece. I feel grateful to be here, to be safe, alive, and able to express my gratitude. 

Over the past years, things happened like a roller coaster ride which has shaken me to the core. I’ve lost some of my close ones- my cousin, my nephew, and my dog. I started questioning my reality, life, and death. And then Covid and protests happened. And while the world is still struggling from the pandemic, staying on an island, where time seems to stand still is kind of a blessing. They say time heals, well maybe it helps fade away memories at least, but the lessons are always there.

Escape to Rodrigues Island- Sunset

Heyleena - Rodrigues Island

Soaking up the fresh air, absorbing the sunlight, and eating organic food are natural remedies to escape a world hijacked by fear. The amazing thing is to be able to realize that I can breathe, and experience tranquility. While at night, I feel lucky to witness the sheer beauty of a clear sky filled with glittering stars. A very small part of the universe unfurls itself in front of my eyes, making me realize the power to live in the moment…and right now, I am breathing….

Milky Way in Rodrigues Island

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