Rodrigues Island


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In this fast-moving world, we all are seeking for this little piece of haven where we can feel free and at peace. A moment of solitude and of blissful encounters; perhaps, this is why we travel to find ourselves. Far behind the bustling world, Rodrigues Island is a gem in itself. What is so special about Rodrigues is the fact that it has an authentic warm welcoming population. Rodriguans are known for their hospitality and caring attitude. To top it off, the island has remained rugged and wild, where you don’t see a long chain of hotels. Here, there is just you, the untamed wilderness, and serenity.

Unlike its sister island Mauritius, Rodrigues is much more laid back and way too quiet. No wonder, we refer it to the sleeping beauty of the Indian Ocean. There is an exceptional beauty which lies in its unspoilt environment. This volcanic island is 650 km away from the north east of Mauritius. Rodrigues was once a French and British colony. By 2002, it became partly autonomous from Mauritius. Though there are some few similarities between these two islands, yet Rodrigues is different on its own. Its geological landscapes consist of hills, valleys, limestones, cultivated hill terraces and spectacular coves; most of the virgin beaches are isolated.   The island’s rich Creole culture is highlighted by the much-respected music and dance folklore. Additionally, the local food is a harmonious blend of European and Asian cuisine adapted in a unique way. Here, you can’t leave the island without tasting its delectable octopus salads or curry, the fish or even the flavourful sausages. Most of the dishes are accompanied by red beans, vegetables, and rice made from maize. And don’t be surprised if you have ended up drinking coffee made with maize.

What has really attracted my attention were the vast open terrains sometimes lush green or completely perched where herds of cattle roamed freely. Here, animals are free, and so are humans.  Free from the fast-moving world, free from stress, and free from commercialised paraphernalia.

Here, you can clearly see the gorgeous pale blue sea horizon, and tropic birds and golden bats flying in the clear velvet sky. Rodrigues island serves as an ideal hideaway to those who are seeking to connect with nature, people and a new culture. It is a safe haven, where you do not have to worry about security. For the adventurous spirits, there are some amazing activities taking place on the island. Some of the exciting outdoor activities are the Trail Rodrigues where many local and foreign hikers come together for hiking, and the International Kitesurf festival, where many kite surfers get to enjoy the high waves. 

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