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snorkeling - Things to do in Rodrigues Island

Think gorgeous pale blue sea horizon, tropicbirds and golden bats soaring on the clear blue sky- Welcome to Rodrigues Island. Tucked on the south-western part of the Indian Ocean, Rodrigues is a place that provides a buffer from the outside world. Its languid pace of life tempts many travelers, backpackers, and tourists to enjoy a chilled-out vacation, but those who are seeking some adrenaline kicks should definitely be ready for some epic adventures.  From its deep ravines to its sublime marine park and ‘busy’ Port Mathurin city find below some of the best things to do in Rodrigues Island: 

Rope Bridge and Bungee Jump

Things to do in Rodrigues Island

Begin your thrilling adventure on the western side of the island at Cascade Pistache. In a rustic setting surrounded by the rolling hills find yourself hanging upside down with the Bungee jump activity. But you’ll start first with the rope bridge- a challenging suspension bridge where you will have a safety harness attached to a rope.  You will need to walk along the wooden bridge halfway. Right in the middle of the bridge when you feel ready, take a leap of faith and jump to release your fears. 

Bungee Jump Rodrigues Island

For more details contact the tourism office in Port Mathurin.

Snorkeling & Scuba dive

snorkeling - Things to do in Rodrigues Island

The luxuriant marine ecosystem of Rodrigues is abundant with aquatic species such as fishes, rays, turtles and an eclectic range of corals. One of the best ways to marvel at the rich marine biodiversity is to try snorkeling or scuba dive at the popular marine parks like Rivière Banane and Mourouk, where you can spend your time discovering the true treasures of Rodrigues island.  Diving courses available at the Cotton Dive Centre are guided by professionals.

Tips: There is generally clear underwater visibility; water temperature can vary between 22 to 30 degrees Celsius. If you are heading to Rivière Banane make sure you go when there is low tide, mostly around 9 in the morning.

Trail Rodrigues

Rodrigues Trail - Things to do in Rodrigues Island
image: Trail de Rodrigues

Over 900 participants from around the world come to this little paradise for the much-anticipated Trail of Rodrigues. The first trail race was organized in 2011 with more than 300 participants to encourage healthy living. This hiking expedition serves as a good excuse to mingle with the locals while discovering the magnificent rugged landscapes of the island. Enjoy the majestic mountain views and rolling verdant hills, dramatic limestone cliffs along with impressive coves and white beaches. 

Website: Trail Rodrigues 

Tyrodrig Zipline

Zipline in Rodrigues Island - Things to do in Rodrigues

Craving for a thrilling adventure? Then try one of the best things to do in Rodrigues Island- Ziplining. Located between Mont Lubin and Grande Montagne, the Tyrodrig Zipline is a fun, daring, and secured adventure to do when you are in Rodrigues. You will have several zip-lining options to choose from, with the maximum being 420 meters long and 100 meters high. The minimum is 110 meters long. This activity is operated by professionals ensuring your safety. Don’t hesitate to open your eyes while zip-lining, otherwise you will miss some really amazing views. 

Operating days: Monday – Sunday (09:00-17:00)

Kitesurf in Rodrigues Island 

If you are visiting Rodrigues Island around the Kitesurf Festival then don’t forget to visit the Ebony Mourouk beach. Kitesurf has become a popular water activity on Rodrigues Island. The island hosts an annual kitesurf festival where many kitesurf enthusiasts around the world come to enjoy some adrenaline rush.  The southeast trade winds coming from Western Australia produce a wind strength between 20-25 knots over the island. The strongest winds occur from June to October, hence serving as an ideal Kiteboarding condition for amateur to professional kite-surfers alike. Some of the Kitesurfing spots are at the Ebony Mourouk beach, Jimmy’s Pass, and Sand Bar. 


Website: Kitesurf

Festival Creole- Rodrigues Island 

Festivale Creole - Things to do in Rodrigues island
image: aurythmedusoleil

If you are foreign to the creole culture then one of the best things to do in Rodrigues Island is hands down attending this annual cultural festival organized by the local government in collaboration with many artists from regional islands like Mauritius and Seychelles. This theme-based festival is celebrated to pay special tribute to the Creole heritage in the Indian Ocean. It is mostly celebrated in the month of November or December. Discover the traditional music, dance, Creole cuisine and games.

For more information contact the tourism office in Port Mathurin.

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Rodrigues Island Travel Guide

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