What to do in Mauritius Island?

Amazing Things to do in Mauritius

Holidaying in Mauritius doesn’t only mean to bask in the sun on the talcum-white beach, or swim in the turquoise sea, in fact, there’s more about this tiny island than the typical things. Mauritius has wild rugged terrains, where you can find lush gorges, meandering rivers, and spellbinding waterfalls, especially on its southern coast. But there’s also its cultural side, where the locals come from different cultural backgrounds made up of Afro-, Indo-, Franco-, and Sino-Mauritians. So you might expect to witness a cultural festival while on vacation  (mostly occurs in the first three months of the year). And if you’re a bit confused about what to do in Mauritius, then find our list of things to do in Mauritius below:

Visiting the Cultural Capital of Mauritius- Port Louis

Amazing Things to do In Mauritius-Port Louis
image credit: Jovanni Li Fok

The 18th century capital of Mauritius was founded by Mahé de La Bourdonnais (a French governor) in the north-western part of Mauritius. It is the mecca of commercial activities, historical and cultural sites, including an eclectic range of scrumptious street food to tease your taste buds. Being the largest city on the island Port-Louis or ‘Porlwi’ has an elevated temperature especially during summer seasons (November – April). The capital city offers avid travelers a holistic experience that will ignite all the senses.  Consider these amazing spots to stop by during your trip on the island:

Central Market- Port- Louis

Experience a local cultural tour by visiting the Central Market located at Farquhar street of Port Louis. Here you will come across some enticing local products such as handicrafts, pieces of jewelry, souvenirs, tropical fruits, fresh vegetables, spices, herbs, and medicinal plants. Find your way to the food section where you will have the opportunity to taste the local delicacies such as dhal puri (flatbread with curries), roti, gateaux piment, samosa, and chilled drinks such as alouda with ice cream.

Tips: To avoid the high temperature it is better to visit the market before noon. Though it is safe, it’s always better to be cautious when you carry your purse.

Things to do in Mauritius- Central Market
image credit: Marion Chantal

Caudan Waterfront- Port Louis

The Caudan Waterfront is the epicenter of social or business meetings- an ideal place to spend your time shopping, eating, playing at the casino, watching a movie, or experiencing the historical and cultural side of Mauritius. It is interesting to know that the site was previously hosting a powder magazine, warehouses, an astronomic and meteorological observatory, and quays for the past 250 years! For a historical tour, visit the Blue Penny Museum which has a collection of some rare stamps, including the blue penny and orange stamps dating 1847. You’ll end up learning about the historical and cultural heritage of Port Louis, and the first edition of the famous ‘Paul et Virginie’ novel.
Things to do in Mauritius- Caudan Waterfront
image credit: phuong

Aapravasi Ghat- Port Louis

The Aapravasi Ghat is a historical landmark, a designated World Heritage Site, where the ‘Great Experiment’ took place. It is this very place where immigrants from India, China, Southeast Asia, Madagascar, and Eastern Africa landed for the first time. These immigrants were the reason for the fast economic growth of the island since they devoted their time to work as indentured laborers in the sugarcane fields, merchants, and farmers.

At the site, there is the Beekrumsing Ramlallah Interpretation Centre (BRIC) which displays some magnificent artifacts, including a replica of the ship which transported the immigrants from overseas.  The Aapravasi Ghat is located on the Bay of Trou Fanfaron close to the bus terminal of Port Louis.

China Town – Port Louis

The diverse population of Mauritius consists of 3% of Sino-Mauritians (Chinese descendants) and has formed a crucial component of the ethnic groups of the island. The first Chinese immigrants are believed to land Mauritius in the 1820s from the Kwang Tong province (southeastern part of China), and Honan (central China). This led to the creation of a small Chinese community in the area of China Town. While strolling in this part of the capital, you will find some glimpses of the Chinese culture depicting through the street plates (written in Cantonese), traditional Chinese medicines, street food, mural paintings, grocery stores, and many more.

China Town- Mauritius
image credit: Olivier Jordun

Grand Bassin-The Holy Lake of Mauritius

If you are in search of a cultural experience and curious to know about the Hindu pantheon, then you should definitely head to the holy lake of the island-Ganga Talao at Grand Bassin in the Savanne district. This crater lake is about 550 meters above sea level with a depth of around 18 meters. The lake is abundant with marine life such as fish and eels. There are Hindu temples dedicated to various statues of the Hindu divinities such as Ganesh, Krishna, and Buddha. At the entrance of the sacred place, there is a huge statue of Goddess Durga and Lord Shiva.

Note: It is prohibited to fish in the lake

Fun activities at the beach- Mauritius

This tiny island is definitely known for its sublime beaches fringed by casuarina trees-the island idyll for your summer vacation. Thanks to its volcanic origin, Mauritius is bestowed by magnificent coral reefs, thus providing perfect conditions for swimming, snorkeling, or diving.  The northern beaches (Pereybere beach, La Cuvette, Mont Choisy, and Trou aux Biches) are ideal spots for swimming, parasailing, kayaking, water tube ride, or glass bottom. There’s also a windsurfing spot at the Belle Mare beach, and if you wish to explore the rich biodiversity of the marine ecosystem then the Blue Bay marine park is your best bet. The Tamarin beach which is situated in the western part of the island is a hotspot for surfers.

Note: There are no nudist beaches in Mauritius. The water can be slightly cold during the winter seasons (May-October) especially when it gets breezy.

Things to do in Mauritius
Pereybere Beach

Hiking in Mauritius

Hiking in Mauritius is a fun way to explore the rustic side of the island and provides a good excuse to connect yourself with nature. You can tread slowly, breathe the fresh air, enjoy the magnificent views and experience the other side of Mauritius. Discover the off-beaten tracks, spellbinding waterfalls, and deep lush green gorges as you hike along your way. The island offers numerous hiking trails ranging from easy, moderate to challenging ones. The famous hiking trails are Black River National Park (several hiking trails such as Cascade 500 Pieds, or Mare aux Joncs), Le Morne Brabant, and Piton de la Petite Rivière Noire, just to name a few…


Things to do in Mauritius
Cascade 500 Pieds Hike

Quad Bike in Mauritius

If you are an adventurous spirit then quad biking in the remotest nature reserves of Mauritius might tempt you. This is a fun way to explore the wild and unspoiled side of the island, where normally you will ride through the muddy banks, rough terrains, and streams. Some of the ideal spots are Domaine de L’etoile reserve, a-2000 hectare of private nature reserve blessed with rivers, and rolling hills. Another interesting spot is the famous ‘Vallée des Couleurs’ nature reserve where it hosts the famous 23 Coloured Earth.

Visiting incredible waterfalls of Mauritius

Rochester Falls

One of the iconic waterfalls of Mauritius-the Rochester Falls was featured in many Bollywood movies due to its peculiar rock formations hidden under the waterfalls. The site is a rough terrain completely lost in the wilderness and surrounded by trees and bushes.  Located in the southernmost part of the island just some 2.5 kilometers away from Souillac, the waterfall has a wonderful waterhole for some refreshing plunges during the summertime. Though, you might not want to swim during the rainy seasons (February & March) since the water gets pretty muddy.

Amazing Things to do in Mauritius
image credit: Francesco

Eau Bleue Waterfalls

The Eau Bleue waterfall has now become one of the iconic waterfalls of Mauritius due to many Instagrammers and facebookers. Renowned for its turquoise blue water which is supplied by underground water springs, Eau Bleue is composed of five spellbinding waterfalls ranging from 8 to 15 meters blessed with scenic surroundings. This surreal sanctuary is nestled in a pristine and isolated area in the south-east of Mauritius (at Cluny).

Things to do in Mauritius- Eau Bleue Waterfalls
Eau Bleue Waterfalls

Underwater Waterfall- Mauritius

The volcanic island is gifted with amazing geological features, including geological phenomena such as the illusory underwater waterfalls just off the coast of the Le Morne Peninsula. From a bird’s eye view, it seems that there is an underwater waterfall, unfortunately, it is not the case. It is due to the run-off of the sand and the silt on the ocean floor which give the impression of a-pouring-down-waterfall. To witness this scenic view you can opt for a seaplane tour.

Amazing Things to do in Mauritius
Underwater Waterfalls- Mauritius

Eco-Tour at Ile aux Aigrettes Nature Reserve

If you’re a nature-loving aesthete you’re going to enjoy the eco-tour at Ile aux Aigrettes-a nature reserve which is home to some exotic and indigenous plant and animal species. The reserve of 26 hectares offers visitors an enriching experience to get up-close and personal with the wild species such as the Pink Pigeons, Mauritius Olive White-eyes, Aldabra Giant tortoises, Mauritius Fodies, Ornate Day Gecko, and Ebony trees. The islet is managed by the local non-profit organization- the Mauritian Wildlife Foundation.  There are guided tours in English and French language which last for about 1.5 to 2 hours.
Amazing things to do in Mauritius- Eco-tour
Ile aux Aigrettes Nature Reserve

Leisure stroll at the Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam Botanical Garden

Visit the 18th-century botanical garden in Pamplemousses, where history combines with botany, a sprawling garden of 37 hectares consisting of a huge pond filled with giant Victoria Amazonica water lilies, a spice garden,  and the historical house of Mahe de Labourdonais.

Amazing Things to do in Mauritius- Botanical Garden
Botanical Garden Pamplemouses

Exciting watersports at Ile aux Cerfs Island

By the time you get into the island, you might be recommended to head to Ile aux Cerfs–  one of the most visited islets touted for its plethora of fun-packed sea activities. Ile aux Cerfs is located off the secluded eastern coast of Mauritius. You can equally visit the Grand River South East which is nearby, where the view is spectacular and if you are lucky you might spot some Macaque monkeys on the surrounding trees.
Amazing Things to do in Mauritius- Waterfalls
Grand River South East- Mauritius


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