Top 5 Brands to Consider When Choosing Eco-Friendly or Recycled Travel Backpacks

Eco-friendly and recycled backpack for travel

The world is changing fast, and so are our buying preferences. With the alarming rate of environmental degradation, more and more consumers are going green when buying a product. And companies, in turn, are shifting towards a more sustainable approach to respond to the rising market demand. For instance, some companies are going to the extent to produce eco-friendly backpacks made up of banana fiber. While others are recovering plastic bags from the ocean to make backpacks. Using eco-friendly or recycled backpack doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to compensate in style. What it actually means is to become eco-consciously stylish, and that makes a whole lot of difference. Below find our compiled list of the top 5 brands to consider when choosing eco-friendly or recycled backpacks for your up-coming travel adventure:


Sandqvist Eco-friendly Travel Backpack

This eco-friendly Swedish bag brand offers backpacks ranging from different colors, shapes, and sizes.  The backpacks are 100% made of organic cotton, which is sourced directly from farmers in Adilabad, India. These self-sufficient farmers produce organic cotton without disrupting the environment. They refrain from the use of chemical pesticides or genetically modified crops and artificial fertilizers. You’ll also find bags made up of recycled synthetic materials. Using a Sandqvist backpack means that you are indirectly contributing to a greener environment. For instance, a study by Soil Association shows that organic cotton can have up to 46% less climate impact compared to non-organic cotton. Plus you’re not only contributing to a sustainable environment but also helping these local farmers get a sustainable salary. Interestingly, Sandqvist is a member of the Fair Wear Foundation, which ensures safe and healthy working conditions for their makers.


Qwstion Eco-friendly backpack

What makes Qwstion different from other backpacks is the fact they have successfully found the alternative of petroleum and cotton as their raw materials. Their passion has brought them to the discovery of the banana fiber also known as the abacá or Manila hemp (its scientific name is Musa textilis). The crop is a species of the banana native to the Philippines and its leaf-stems are used for the manufacturing of the Qwstion bags. You can find their backpacks in natural white, washed black, organic jet black, and organic washed grey. These backpacks have an expandable main body with multiple inner compartments, including a Merino felt-lined sleeve which fits up to 15“ MacBook Pro®.  They come with natural waterproof beeswax coating and are PFC (perfluorinated compound) free. 


Timberland eco-friendly Travel  Backpack

Timberland is definitely putting much effort into scaling up to its use of recycled polyester and leaning towards research work on recycled nylon from abandoned fishing nets, bioplastics. They are serious about their sustainable approach as they are looking forward to planting trees and manage sustainably their water and waste. Their backpacks are partly made up of organic cotton canvas and recycled materials. If you’re traveling for hiking there’s always their chic Stratham backpacks which come with many compartments for you to stay organized. 


Solgaard eco-friendly travel Backpack with solar power

If you’re buying a Solgaard backpack then you are indirectly removing up to 5 pounds of plastic from the ocean. Besides its sleek design, the Solgaard Backpack is super convenient for backpackers, nomad travelers, just anyone who is on the lookout for adventures. From its integrated solar-powered charger and USB port to its deluxe drop-proof laptop sleeve and patented anti-theft lock, Solgaard backpack’s features are worth considering.  


Ethnotek Eco-friendly Travel Backpack

When it comes to Ethnotek you’ll be amazed by the incredible designs and patterns which they have incorporated into creating their backpacks. They are not only stylish but can also be easily customized by removing the front panel which they called a Thread™. The Thread™ is handmade by local artisans who create beautiful traditional designs. New releases of the Threads™  are made regularly, which in turn permit buyers to revamp their bag without having to buy a new one entirely. Working with the local ethnic groups have made Ethnotek stands out from their competitors since they are not only helping to preserve the ethnic handicrafts but also making sure that their products are vegan and are free from harmful chemicals. You will likely find their hand-loomed textiles from Bhuj (India), embroidered textiles from the northern highlands of Vietnam (Hmong tribes), and Ikat from Quetzaltenango, Guatemala.

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