Top Places to Eat in Rodrigues Island – Travel Guide

Places to Eat in Rodrigues Island

Unlike its sister island Mauritius, Rodrigues has, fortunately, escape from the commercialized paraphernalia. Its authentic side will surely woo as soon as you step on its rugged land. What you are likely to expect is its vast open terrains sometimes lush green or completely perched, where herds of cattle roamed freely. Here, animals are free, and so are the locals. They live by the philosophy of ‘Pura Vida’ like the Costa Ricans that is-Simple living.  Rodriguans are in fact very friendly and do not hesitate to welcome visitors. They always smile and say ‘bonjour’ even when you are strolling on the road or just anywhere. 

Rodrigues Island
image: Dimitri Rault

And if you’re heading to this bucolic Island then be ready to please your taste buds with a burst of local natural flavors. The island’s rich Creole culture is highlighted by its local food. The Rodriguan dishes consist of a culinary amalgamation of European, Asian, and Mauritian cuisine. The typical dishes are the ‘rougail’ (a sautéed tomato sauce/curry) mixed with salted fish, the renowned octopus salad, bean curry, rice made with maize, papaya salad, and cono cono salad (abalone marinated with spices and lime juice).

Eat in Rodrigues Island

Meals are basically served with condiments like the sweet-sour pickles, mango and papaya mixed with chili, and many other spicy yummy sauces. The beef and pork sausages have a delicious taste. This is probably because the locals feed their animals with organic fodder. For dessert, you can relish delectable local pastries such as the Rodriguan pie (la tourte Rodriguaise), honey doughnut, brioche, papaya flan, manioc (cassava), and maize cakes. Their local lemons have a particular taste; they are sweet and have a strong scent. You must definitely try the chilled lemon juice or the refreshing cocktail the ‘Ti’ punch. Don’t forget to try the coconut water at Port Mathurin near the market. And don’t be surprised if you are offered coffee made with maize. You will surely enjoy it!

Places to Eat in Rodrigues Island
Rodriguan Pickles

Below we have compiled a list with some of the top places to eat while you are visiting Rodrigues Island. 

Where to eat in Rodrigues Island? 

Blue Marlin Restaurant (Le Marlin Bleu) 

Situated in the north of the island at Anse aux Anglais (English Bay), the Blue Marlin restaurant offers you a chilled and cozy atmosphere with appealing dishes. The beach is just right in front of the restaurant. The owner is friendly has a  good sense of humor. Try the scrumptious pizza, seafood, and the steak which comes with a yummy gratin.

Blue Marlin Restaurant Rodrigues Island

Chez Ram Restaurant – Rodrigues Island

The restaurant is very well known for its diverse choice of cuisines such as Indian, Chinese, and Italian food. Please your taste buds with the local specialties like the seafood dishes, or ‘bol renversée’. Chez Ram is located near the harbor in Port Mathurin.

Chex Ram Restaurant Rodrigues Island

Bois d’Ebene Restaurant- Mourouk Ebony Hotel

Set in a tropical atmosphere with a sublime beach view, the restaurant offers a delightful culinary experience. You can opt for local or international cuisine.

Octopus Curry in Ebony Restaurant Rodrigues

Chez Solange et Robert

The restaurant is a rustic shack located at St Francois near the beach. Here you will enjoy a unique dining experience. Eat like a local and enjoy the unwinding atmosphere of the beach. The menu consists of succulent lobsters, fish, prawns, calamari, and pork. There are papaya salad and garlic bread as well!

Manzé Lacaz – Rodrigues Island 

This convenient restaurant is located near the bus terminal at Port Mathurin. It specializes in local food where you can find an endless list of dishes such as seafood, fried rice, fried or boiled noodles, briani (spiced rice mixed with vegetables, with or without beef, chicken, or fish), crab soup, and local salads. 

Chez Solange et Robert Restaurant

Madam Larose

Situated in the coastal region of Pointe Coton, Madam Larose welcomes you with her local delicious seafood, pork, and chicken curry.

Manzé Lacaz Restaurant Island

Mazavaroo – Rodrigues Island 

The Mazavaroo restaurant is an ideal place to eat while visiting the region of St Francois. You will likely enjoy the scrumptious octopus salad seasoned with lemon juice and pepper, fish or chicken curry, and steaks.

Mazavaroo Restaurant Rodrigues Island


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