Best Wellness retreats in North Carolina 

North Carolina Wellness Center

With amazing landscapes, soothing weather, and a plethora of wellness retreats and spas, North Carolina is one of the most popular destinations in the United States. Lush green valleys and mountains around the state serve as an ideal backdrop for rejuvenation. Soak in the serenity of North Carolina’s the Blue Ridge Mountains, visit magnificent golf courses, enchanting gardens, and sprawling plantations on your vacation here. Take part in activities like horseback riding and yoga. To help you plan your holiday we have crafted a list of some of the best wellness retreats in this beautiful state below.

Affordable to Luxurious wellness center in North Carolina

Prama Wellness Center 

The Prama Wellness Center is a holistic retreat center in North Carolina, which offers a comprehensive approach to health and wellness. There are numerous detox programs designed to offer you an inviting and comfortable atmosphere. You can also relax and enjoy the health-transforming effects of juice cleansing, combined with meditation and yoga practices. Prama Wellness Center is inspired by ancient principles of Ayurveda and Vedic philosophy with modern medical science.

Prama Wellness Center

Skyterra Wellness Retreat 

When it comes to a comprehensive approach to wellness, Skyterra Wellness Retreat knows well how to excel. Their approach is based on a multidimensional process in order to help individuals achieve their optimal health and happiness. 

Focused on the mind and body, the wellness center provides a variety of exciting self-care activities, along with professional education that addresses various levels of wellness. They incorporate exercise physiology, nutrition education, holistic approaches to stress management, and emotional well-being, as well as other important areas of health. This approach creates sustainable changes that promise longevity for guests seeking to improve their overall health and vitality.

Skyterra Wellness Retreat-Wellness Center North Carolina


Mandala Springs

The exceptional Mandala Springs is an eco-retreat on the Blue Ridge Parkway. This blissful sanctuary is surrounded by Pisgah National Forest, just a short drive from Craggy Gardens and the Blue Ridge Parkway. The retreat features multiple springs, boulders fields, and a pristine trout stream. Glamp in comfort and style as a jumping-off point for hiking adventures — or host an event with wellness retreat services.

Luxurious Retreats in North Carolina

Grandover Resort Golf and Spa

If a quiet surrounding is what you crave, then Grandover Resort Gold and Spa is your perfect deluxe wellness destination. Designed with understated elegance in mind, North Carolina Retreats allures guests with luxe décor and rejuvenating experiences.

The resort boasts a convenient location close to some of the must-go attractions in North Carolina, such as the theater, and verdant vineyards. The resort is one of the favorite boltholes for luxury-seeking clients. Check out its sumptuous spa retreats to recharge your being. 

Luxurious wellness center

The Inn On Biltmore Estate

Immerse yourself in the sublime, historic Biltmore Estate as you discover a classic-chic inn that inspires Vanderbilt hospitality, which is renowned in the region. A spectacular setting, top-notch services, and lavish interior decor are some of the features you’ll experience during your stay. Enjoy an array of amenities at this hotel, including a full-service spa treatment room where the experienced staff will guide you on your rejuvenating journey. 

North Carolina Wellness Center

Holiday Inn Charlotte Center City

Holiday Inn Charlotte Center City offers discerning guests a premium retreat located within close proximity to popular attractions and downtown facilities. With its immaculate setting and lavish interior decor, this place is a comfortable haven that comes with wonderful relaxing amenities. From the breathtaking city view from their amazing rooftop pool to the laid-back cocktail lounge, this property has something for everyone – even the kids. Your loved ones will love splashing around in the kids’ pool or playing on the playground, and you can enjoy some therapeutic treatments at the spa rooms to loosen up your muscles and declutter your mind of stress and worries.

Holiday Inn Charlotte Center City


Best months to visit Northern Carolina

North Carolina is a remarkable state, featuring everything from mountains to beaches and a thriving culinary scene. You can taste barbecue, see the colorful fall leaves, or visit the majestic Blue Ridge Parkway. The best time to visit North Carolina is between early April to mid-June and from early September to early November. 

If you enjoy outdoor activities by the water, go after July. Tropical storms can hit the area in the late summer months. 

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